Jennifer Hudson: ” In the neighbourhood in Chicago, a 16 is normal.”

Jennifer Hudson: “I didn’t even know I was considered plus sized until I came to Hollywood,” she says in September’s Self magazine. “I thought I was the perfect size!”

That changed on a red carpet, when “an interviewer asked, ‘How does it feel to be plus-sized in Hollywood?’ I looked around, like, Who is she talking to? Oh, me? I’m plus-sized? In the neighbourhood I’m from in Chicago, a 16 is normal. But in Hollywood, everyone looks exactly the same, so I stood out.”

It’so weird that in Hollywood every woman is not the average of the women in the world… and I must admit: I love Jennifer Hudson, as size 16, so much more!


  • I def agree with the fact her face looks younger & softer in the first picture, but maybe that’s also due to the warm colour of her dress. Nevertheless I like the new her as well. She looks beautiful in both pictures.

  • Me, too. I don’t exactly know why, but I think she look so much more adorable and nice..even though she still looks beautiful thin like this.

  • I admire Jennifer for being a survivor, for taking control of her health, working out and lightening the load she carries, which is better all round for her well being. However, whilst she looks great in both pictures, her face is softer and essentially prettier in the first photo.

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