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JUNAROSE is fashion for plus-size women aged 20 and up, offering fast fashion, trends and perfect fitting. With JUNAROSE, women will be able to follow trends and create a personal look with items made and styled specifically for sizes 42-54 EU/12-24 US, and designed with fashion-conscious, trendy women in mind. Each collection is carefully designed to match international fashion trends. JUNAROSE will design 8 collections a year with trendy stuff!

This is a mission 22 year old inbetweenie Georgina Burke can relate to: “There are a lot of women like us out there who don’t fit into the size zero ‘skinny minny’ category. We do not want to be dressed in big, floaty tents, we want to show our assets too! For plus-size women and girls it’s as much about styling and personality as it is for everyone else. Personally, I’ve learned never to fight my figure, but to concentrate on embracing it.”

Georgina continues: “I used to be a regular size model, but keeping my weight down made me unhealthy. now I feel a lot better, stronger and fitter, and I love my curves. I feel confident. But there is such a biased image of women out there; it is rare to see someone in movies, on television or in fashion who is not young and skinny. Women come in different shapes, ages and colours, and it is so important to me to celebrate that.”


Do clothes play a part in feeling confident? “Oh yes – very much so. Everyone wants to look and feel their best and express who they are. Styling is a big part of that, and even the big designer names often do not cater for us plus sizes. When you go into a high street shop, your size is always sold out, and that is not a confidence booster. So being able to choose from a collection aimed at your body shape is wonderful!”

We asked Georgina if she has any styling tips to share with us from her life as a model, and she gave us some pointers:
1. Never wear pieces that are cut straight up and down. They do nothing for a fuller figure.
Go for more tailored pieces, where you can see your shape.
2. Don’t wear tents either.
3. Focus on the silhouette, having an hourglass figure is such a bonus, and just have fun showing what you’ve got. Look sexy and enjoy yourself!

YOU can win this look of Juna Rose: coat € 129,95, top € 49,95 and jeans € 49,95

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