‘Just call us models’

Wow, look at these gorgeous inbetweenies from model agency MUSE+ NYC! They represent models in ‘regular’ sizes and plus sizes. Last year the plus division also did a promo shoot. And now again. Because people always expect large, full figured women when they think about plus size models. Even if you disagree on principle, a 40 EU/10 US is considered plus size in the fashion industry. I think it’s about time to call these girls: inbetweenie models or just models. There should be a better integration or mix of these models with regular models in the ‘regular size fashion’ industry.
And for plus size fashion you can do the same: mix the smaller and the larger plus size models to more size diversity as well!

From left to right: Jessica Lewis (size 42 EU), Camilla Hansen (size 42 EU), Justine Legault (size 44/46 EU), Marcelle Pallais (size 44 EU), Denise Bidot (size 44/46 EU), Karissa Rodriguez (size 44 EU), Kailee O’sullivan (size 42/44 EU), Lizzie Miller (size 42 EU), Kristyna Misovcova (size 40 EU), Mille Huckova (size 42 EU), Kathryn Crichlow (size 44 EU), Anna Adams (size 40/42 EU) and Andrea Wahlgren (size 42 EU).



Photographer: Jessica Lucassi.

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