Katya Zharkova about life and beauty.  


A beautiful interview with Katya Zharkova on Marina Rinaldi about life and beauty.

What did you enjoy most about the MR event in Milan you took part in recently? I really enjoyed that all shapes and types of women were represented. We came from every part of the world with different styles and we were all able to find something very unique in the Marina Rinaldi collection that spoke to us individually. The most important part of this was the Marina Rinaldi event. Everybody’s shape was taken into consideration and represented beautifully. There were no artificial differences created between us. No cat fighting, no jealousy, just happiness and being able to enjoy the moment. It’s an awesome new collection.


How do clothes affect your mood? Each morning I wake up in a little bit of a different mood so I need some unique clothes to fit the mood I am in. It’s very important to have a lot of choices to be able to cater to my whimsical moods. If I can find something in my wardrobe that will reflect my mood for the whole day I have succeeded. This is why the Marina Rinaldi dresses are so wonderful, as they give me such a plethora of options to choose from.


What would you describe as your signature statement? Unpredictable would describe me best. I don’t think you could predict the kind of outfit I will have on for any given day. I dress for me, in ways that make me happy and confident.


What is your style mantra? Believe in yourself! Feeling comfortable and confident are the most important factors in deciding whether I will buy an outfit or not. I like to wear the clothes, I do not want the clothes to wear me.

How would you define beauty? Beauty starts from one’s soul. It starts from the passion that fills one’s heart. If you are able to improve yourself, especially by being very passionate about who you are, you will start to see the beauty in the mirror even if you couldn’t see it before. That is how I define beauty, the reflection of that passion within you.


You have a hectic lifestyle. How do you recharge? I have a hectic lifestyle but I still like to stay active to recharge my batteries. However I think one of the most important ways to recharge is one of the easiest things to do in life: SMILE! It will brighten your day, it will touch people that you come into contact with, and it’s one of the easiest things to do! As for some of the other things I do to recharge; I love Yoga and kite-surfing, watching a good movie, listening to some great music or a concert, and last but most definitely not least I drink a lot of water. It helps keep my skin fresh, my body healthy, and my brain active.


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