Large Black Dress

Black is not hard to find in my closet!
And I have many (little) black dresses!
It’s so weird to speak about LITTLE black dress.
For an INBETWEENIE a black dress is at least a L or XL size!
So we can speak about a LARGE black dress.
For a dress like this, it’s not only hard to find a nice one in your size.
But it’s very important to find one, perfect matching your shape!

I’ll show you 10 different LBD’s, all different shapes!
Soft, medium and strong curvy. It depends how much you would like to show your curves!
A-line covers a lot, its safe!
Hopefully you also see, wearing a shapeless dress, it doesn’t do anything for your body!
So the conclusion: check your own body! What is your shape and shop a dress matching with your shape!
Besides the shape, it’s also important to check dress length! Because I am 5 feet 11, I can wear long and short dresses. Most of all I wear my dress with stockings or leggings.
I feel more comfortable!

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