Largest HM in Rotterdam


I was at the openings party at H&M in Rotterdam

Shoe section
Today the largest HM opened his doors in Rotterdam. And I already was at the press openings party last wednesday. And wow! Such a HUGE shop. I was impressed the most by the shoe section. Omg, I fell in love with almost every pair of shoes! See picture above!

The complete new collection was there and also the collection of the H&M design winner Eddy Anemian. All pieces were really designer level! Unfortunately only up to a small size 42.

And also Monki opened his door this evening! It’s the 3rd Monki store in the Netherlands. I am so in love with Monki. Their sizes is very inbetweenie proof. A lot of items are size less. Being a size 42 and up, you can wear a lot of their collection!

And there you are… WEEKDAY… I love this concept. I already shopped in Copenhagen in this shop. The style is between COS and Monki. The sizes are not really big. But searching for shapes, you can really shop some items. Go there a be inspired!

All evening we had a 20% discount and there was a ‘search for goodies’ in all 3 shops… I missed the HM goodie… still not knowing what it was.


The silver color shoes… WANT!

Accessories all over!!

DAMN! How cool is this maxi skirt… H&M design winner Eddy Anemian


I really was in doubt about this sequins legging… loved it!


Celebrating with this Monki balloon!






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