Let’s Meet Xandres’ bigger sister Xline


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Maybe you already heard about this brand from Belgium? Xandres Xline is the larger sister of Xandres. The regular collection goes up to size 46 EU/16 US and Xandres Xline starts at 46 EU/16 US and goes up to 52 EU/22 US. They both have the same themes, but a little different items. For the Xline, shapes which are working better in a large size.
For me, I can shop both lines. Tops, jackets, I can wear from the regular collection. But skirts, trousers and maybe some dresses from the Xline.

Nice to see Dutch inbetweenie model Marthe in this campaign! The collection is very feminine, sophisticated. Very classy… you can ‘up and down dress’ it easily. Some tops combined with jeans or the cute skirt combined in a street style look with she sneakers! That’s what I like about fashion, your style: your rules!


Xandres Mode Femme

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