Life’s too short to have boring hair!


Oops!!! Curious for my new haircut?


Oh, yesss! Today was the day… I finally got my LOB… For almost 15 year Toni and Guy is is my hairdresser. And I m still a big fan! Specially for coloring! I am very critical, and there it’s always very good. Because my hair is very damaged lately, now it was time to say goodbye to my long hair. And finally time for my LOB, the long BOB. On pinterest I have already a WANT THIS HAIR board for a long time. I collect lengths, colors and styles. And now I finally did it! Having the haircut I wanted for a long time.

I was very nervous to cut off my hair. I have it long for so many years. Can’t remember when it was sooooo short!!! My motto: “life’s too short to have boring hair”. The color was very boring, too yellow and too dark. So… back to white blonde again!

I get so many questions about my hair color. My full head has been pre lighted. A pearl toner to let the new color blend more in with the old color. The toner takes out the yellow out of the hair.

Because my hair was so damaged, I also got a Kérastase ciment fusio dose hair treatment. This will make my hair stronger from inside out. Now fingers crossed, it will work!

Before and after (it was very early this morning, excuses for my tired look on the left)



Thanks to the Toni & Guy team in Den Haag, Beau Jess (haircut) and Zeenat Bandhoe (color) who gave me back some great hair!!

I must admit, I really have to get used to it… doesn’t feel my own haircut yet.



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