My little secret



Only people who know me in person, know that I am a control freak. And that I love hygiene a lot! I always drink my drinks with a straw when I am in a restaurant or at a party, etc. So I always bring them myself. What I also always have in my bag are tissues. And not only for my nose. Just in case, if there is no paper in the toilet booth. Yes… I know.. a modern girl is prepared for everything! LOL

Check this video (only in Dutch)


But now I have tested Page moist, toilet paper. I must admit… I am a fan now. Beside the straws and tissues, now I carry these in my bag. My opinion about hygiene is, when you do it.. you have to do it right! I compare it with wearing a very beautiful dress.. if you wear wrong underwear… it’s not worth the dress!


YOU can also test Page for free, check out ThuismetPage and you can try it for FREE! I am curious what YOU think about moist toilet paper. Let me know!

Backstage during the video

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