Inbetweenie inspiration looks: Greek romance


See the complete look!

My new look! I want to show and inspire you what to wear! I combine regular brands and sizes with plus size brands. I want you to go into all shops, and just focus the shape, not the size! I also want to show you that you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to get an exclusive look. I wear different kind of looks: from simple unicolor clothes to vintage rebellious or print-on-print outfits. Or combinations of them.

Dare to be different, dare to be noticed and don’t forget: fashion is fun! #fashionisfun is one of my important hashtags on instagram! Follow me there!

As you have noticed, I have been gone for a week! I was on holiday to Lefkas, Greece. And I have made some looks over there. And this look I shot in Lefkas City. I bought this playsuit at HM+. It was in sale, a playsuit from the Xmas collection (vey high quality). I bought it for only 12 euro. The fit is perfectly for me. Normally I wear 48 EU, this is a size 52 EU. I know HM+ always is very small. So, I don’t focus on their sizes, but how it fits. I would never wear a-symmetric items. It’s amazing for a shoot like this, but probably I am going to customise it and change it a bit.

A note for HM,please more of these outspoken items in sizes 44 and larger, please!!!

As we all know, women over a size 42 EU can’t wear Gucci. I want this Gucci belt so badly, but not in my size. I have found this belt in Lefkas, yes… it’s fake… but it’s in my size! So I am a very, very happy girl!

All pictures are made with a Nikon camera.









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