Love your SELFIE!


On Today there’s an article about putting beauty in a different light. In ‘Selfie’, a short documentary sponsored by Dove, teenage girls and their moms are challenged to capture their own natural beauty by taking candid photos of themselves on their smartphones. “LoveYourSelfie: Show us how you see your beauty” is the message of this documentary made by Cynthia Wade, director of ‘Selfie’. Wade hopes the film shows girls and their moms, that they’re truly beautiful when they’re confident and comfortable in their own skin.

The film also explores how mothers can pass down insecurities to their daughters. 72 % of the girls said they learn about beauty from their mothers, according to a survey by Dove. And this is so important. I had a great mother, she was a beautiful, strong and confident woman. And this reflected onto me! Because of her I love myself and I accept myself being a larger woman. I know I am worth looking great, and getting attention, and for me it’s very important to bring this message to YOU! You all… gorgeous women out there! In every size, color or age!


I am ‘the queen of the selfless’! And if you follow my instagram, you must have noticed, selfies are posted almost every day! I want to show that everyone can look great! With or without filters. And your self esteem will grow, when you see that you can look great!

They even call these ‘photo collage selfies’: doing the Edith! haha! And yes… I love it! Having fun while I take my selfies. And that’s what it’s all about! Loving yourself and having fun… happy girls are the prettiest! Also a beautiful message from one of the girls: “beauty is being strong, being brave, being happy with yourself.”





Even Asos Curve came with this great shirt: “believe in your selfie”


But… I must admit… I always need some filters… I love to create little paintings, here you can see the difference between the real picture and the filtered one, black and white, a great filter!


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