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BrandedU is a branding leadership program for professional women. It was developed as a program to help women with their career planning by increasing their visibility. Their goal is to give you tools to build your personal brand through a series of seminars, webinars and personal one-on-one coaching sessions.

Do you want to increase the results in your career? Do you want to move up the career ladder in a faster way? Do you want to learn from ‘real life role models’? I am giving away one free ticket to the first event on the 18th of March! Price for one seminar: €199 (includes food & drinks).

The first seminar: Discovering the benefits of you as a brand will be on the 18th of March in Amsterdam and I will also give a workshop! Time: 09:30 – 18.30 hours.

Speakers and coaches include: Nina Pierson (Owner and Creative Director at PUP Concepts), Mei Lin Ang (owner Frozz and Oodlz), Lena Olivier (Business Leader Talent Solutions LinkedIn) and Marian Spier (VP TEDxAmsterdamWomen), Edith Dohmen (owner and and Buffi Duberman (English & Presentation coach and author)

My message is the same: dare to be yourself, dare to show yourself, dare to be noticed, dare to be more visible!

Me backstage for recurring my video!

What do YOU have to do to make chance to win a ticket to this seminar?
Let me know why do YOU want to be more visible? Write your best reason, quote or story why you are the one to follow this seminar!

More backstage during my video:

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