Making back ups!


A little while ago I was at a G-Technology event. I was invited to meet with photographer Dixie Dixon. She is an ambassador for Nikon. And she was there to speak about her career, her work and the most important thing: making back ups of your digital items. Cause I work as a graphic designer, I do a lot of fashion shoots. It was also time for me to make a good backup. I got this hard disc (see picture above) to put all my information on it. I finally could get rid of all the cd’s in my closet.

After the event, me and some other bloggers got the chance to be photographed by Dixie Dixon. It really was an honor. And I love the result. The picture below was taken by her.

Copyright Dixie Dixon, Sindy, Miami

Some backstage pictures… Dixie in action!


Together with the gorgeous Dixie Dixon.

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