Mango shows size diversity!


Well well… this week was the week of size diversity! Last Monday evening was the MANGO en Violeta show autumn winter 2014 2015 in Barcelona. The show started with Violeta and gorgeous inbetweenies were walking in this collections. Models like the Dutch Andrea and Stephanie from Belgium. I was very critical about this collection, because it was so sober, casual and basic. And not what I expected. In this show black and white was the theme. Good silhouettes and nice shapes.
Also in the straight size part, Alessandra Ambrosio opened this runway. I just love the size diversity in this runway! Well done, Mango!

Check out the show:

Images of the runway, I put inbetweenies next to the straight size models, you hardly see the difference!


Some backstage pictures from Andrea, during the show.

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