“….many other types modeling” and the curvy phenomenon is constantly growing.

PR web.com came with an article about the plus-size model phenomenon is growing and growing: in the UK, agents from the biggest agencies underline how curvy models have been in ever greater demand in recent years.

“If you heard the term ‘plus size’ and you have no clue about the modelling industry, what would you consider this to mean?” asks Helen Stark, fashion editor for UK Model Agencies, “It’s not what people think.” She explains: “Would you believe anyone over a size 12 to 14 is considered plus size? If you’re a model, you are constantly striving to look your best. Unfortunately, for some, this means trying to stay as thin as you possibly can because you think this will get you more work.” But, as she says, “there are so many other types modeling” and the curvy phenomenon is constantly growing.

Jim Dawson, UK Model Agencies chief press officer, reinforces the point that we’re at the start of a new dawn for fashion: “a model who is slightly larger than the stereotype can definitely find lots of work available in this day and age. It’s the end of an era for the unhealthy looking, waiflike model in the UK.” There’s a lively debate going on in fashion about the meaning of “plus size”.
Maybe size isn’t important as much as it used to be in the modelling industry?’

And most working ‘plus size’ models are inbetweenies! Most of them have size 40, 42, 44 (EU). And my thoughts about these models. They are good working models even if they were a size 36. So the plus size models can compete with the regular sizes! Gorgeous and very photogenic!

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