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You see a lot of swimwear lately on my website… and that’s because finally there’s a lot of swimwear in plus sizes. And I am soooo happy, it finally has changed. How many years I wrote about there’s no cool swimwear in my size and now I can buy at so many shops and websites.

So great to see that Marina Rinaldi has launched their swimwear line. It’s here for the first time and I was so excited. So I want to review to amazing swimsuits. Being a tall girl, it’s not easy to fit swimsuits. They are almost always way too short. The reason I prefer bikini’s.
But I tried the swimsuits from MR and I was soooo surprised positive. I asked for the black with mesh and the nude with an orange accent (this one also comes in black and white).

I already know the quality of Marina Rinaldi is very very good. And so is their swimwear. As soon I tried the swimsuit on my body, it felt great. Great support and what’s even the most important thing: the boobs keep their shape, they are not going to be flat. And I think that’s great! Specially wearing swimsuits.

The black is very classy and sober. But very sexy, it made me feel like Ashley Graham.. haha… I was posing in a very sensual way. That’s what clothes, lingerie and specially swimwear should do: feel good, feminine and sexy!

Guess what? These swimsuits are now on sale! Marina Rinaldi Swimwear



What I see a lot: women are wearing swimsuit or bottoms of bikinis very low. What happens when you do that? Optical you will get shorter legs, and you look more fat… When you change it and wear it higher, your legs become so much longer, and you will look like you have lost some weight.

As you can see the difference: 2 minutes in between these pictures, 5 kilo less on the left!

Yesterday I went to the beach to shoot the nude/orange swimsuit in the evening. The sun was going down and the light was perfect! Shot some minimalism pictures at the beach with a Nikon camera.







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