Marks and Spencer: More Styles, More Sizes!


A few weeks ago I was invited to come to London to see the autumn/winter 2014 collection of Marks and Spencer. A few months ago a very large shop opened in Den Haag. I am a very big fan of M&S. Probably you already know… yes.. everything in their collection comes in sizes 36-50 EU, 6-20 US. Isn’t that AMAZING? I was soooo excited when I saw this autumn/winter collection. And I couldn’t imagine that all these gorgeous pieces would be available in my size as well. WOWIE!! So it is possible.

Me in front of the location, where the presentation was.

There were different styles:
1. Designer eclectic: Mix of styles, diversity of patterns and colors
2. Gentle women: Pastels, rich, texture. Soft and heavy fabrics mix
3. Color blocking
4. Downtown, simplicity
5. Pastels, very sober, classy, rich
6. Rocky style 60s,fake fur.

M&S stand for quality and innovation. And innovation is something that triggers me a lot. M&S developed the ultimate innovation to enhance the figure: “Secret slimming” With a secret, supportive lining. This 5 piece collection is designed to create a smooth, slimming silhouette whilst still remaining comfortable to wear. With extra support shaping you, you will look 1 size smaller. Isn’t that amazing?

Downtown, simplicity

Best of British collection

Rocky style 60s,fake fur



Designer eclectic, my favorite collection! Vintage, and many prints…



Pastels, sober but very rich


Color blocking

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