Marks and Spencer SALE!!!!


As you know… I am big Marks and Spencer fan. Their size range is from size 36 EU to 52 EU, 6 US to 22 US. Since it’s the beginning of the sale, I went there and tried some things. What happened today? I saw the long white gilet in size 52 EU. And I really love it, especially a bit oversized. I checked the tag, saw a price of 0,95 ct. I asked someone from the shop, is this the real price? She confirmed… I was completely surprised and very very happy… Even candy is more expensive.

Beside this white gilet, I was in a ‘white mood’. I bought a beautiful dress in white and a playsuit with sleeves both 17,95 euro. This last one has a waterfall neck, I am really allergic to these. But I can pin it on 1 side and then you won’t even know it’s a waterfall neck.

If you have time to shop in The Hague, Amsterdam, London or another place… give it a try…! And maybe you are as lucky as I am.

This is the tag of the white gilet.

Wearing the gilet… and I am soooo happy!


The white playsuit….in size 46 EU

The dress in size 50 EU, a bit oversized.. but love it this way!

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