Mart Visser X Promiss


The new collection of Mart Visser


Mart Visser is now available at Promiss. So, not online available online, but you can try these clothes in the shops of Promiss in whole the country!


The size range of Mart Vissers collection is from size 34 to 48 EU. AMAZING! And their sizes are also real Ducth women sizes. It’s great to see his collection back in t a shop. After the lost of V&D, where his collection was available, you could only shop online… not anymore! Remember the Mart Vissers Maxi collection?

The collection is as always very feminine, clean and a lot of black and white. For the working lady or the sophisticated woman. You can down and up dress the items easily. I am fan because of the sizing.

Last week I visited Promiss in Hoofddorp and I was positive surprised (compared with the ‘old Promiss’). Their collection looks very feminine, strong, and stylish. And now the collections goes to a real Dutch woman size 46 EU. And hopefully they will extend it to a size 48 EU. Fortunately it’s not the ‘old promiss’ anymore. It looks young, fresh and it’s a shop from now. You can compare it a bit with Costes.
The new collection of Promiss is also now online and in their shops available.

Last week I visited the flagshipstore in Hoofddorp

I was in love with these fitting rooms, so luxurious and inside you don’t hear anything!

You can also buy lifestyle things

Beautiful new collection

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