McQueen: models of color and various ages and size!

“Amongst the catwalks and the commentariat, what we’ve all been talking about is how to represent women. Femaleness is a spectrum, not a grab-bag for definitive pronouncements about power, or romanticism. Yet it’s simple: fashion should aid and abet us in all our various disguises, battles, triumphs, and – we hope – pleasures. It’s there to help mark out our individualities.” Sarah Mower for Vogue about the Alexander McQueen show AW’18

Her inclusive casting this season had models of color and various ages – her new normal for the brand. In a way, you could say the ‘Metamorphosis’ is that of Sarah Burton as a designer, breaking out of the conceptual restrictions of McQueen, and saying things as she sees them. That widens out the world of Alexander McQueen to far more women – trainer-wearers, even – than ever before.

From left: Betsy Teske (2nd) and Stella Tennant (4th)

Amazing this way of thinking, to show this diversity in a runway! Beside the ‘regular models’ we also see my favourite Betsy Teske (size 42 EU) from The Netherlands and ‘older’ model Stella Tennant (47 years). And a lot of colour diversity, well done, Sarah Burton and her team! I already a fan for years, but now more!|

I really believe this the future of the runway! Models of the whole spectrum, a reflection of reality. And more models in size 40/42, don’t call them curvy, don’t call them plus size… they are the average size women, who we need to see more and more!

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