Me and my boyfriends jeans…


Dutch shop Miss Etam has sent me a jeans to try and asked me for my opinion!

From Miss Etam I got this ‘jeans box’ and they asked me to try a jeans. I got this boyfriend jeans. One size too big, but when it’s a boyfriends jeans it’s allowed. I just need a little belt so it won’t fall of my but and combine it witch some heels! LOL

I must admit I have been looking for a good boyfriend jeans for a while… a jeans with also the good color, washing and ripped look! And this one feels very comfy. So, yes… I am positive! Be very very critical when it becomes to jeans… it’s an item in which you have to feel good and comfy. Take you time picking the good one! Check your body shape for the good pair of jeans. Don’t copy your sister, mother or friend with the same jeans… no! You probably don’t have the same body shape. Lately I am very pleased with brands as JUNAROSE and Zizzi. They carry my size and the fit is good. Miss Etam also has my size in their ‘straight size’ collection. AND they also have a plus size department.

BE CAREFUL!!! A boyfriend jeans can make you look ‘bigger’ than you are. So be aware of that effect! A tight top and the best style it with heels…

This week they have this special jeans week! 20% discount on your jeans!



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