Meet the stylist at Steps!


Last Sunday I was at an event of Steps: ‘Meet the stylist’. On this day people could visit the shop to get style advice from me personally. Which shape fits best and which color would be great to wear? I had 15 minutes to talk with these beautiful women.

I hope I have ‘opened’ eyes and inspired people about what to wear and how to look the best. Because when you go to a wedding, for instance, you always want to look like ‘the better version of yourself’ Don’t forget: be faithful to your own style and make sure you feel comfortable in the dress! Best is to look at the shape instead of just checking the size. There are so many different women, so also different shapes!

Every woman has the right to know which type of clothing fits her the best! And color is also important. Going to a wedding and wearing more make up than usual you can also ‘handle’ more types of color! Of course… you can wear whatever you want, as long as YOU believe in it! Wearing something which make you more confident is the most easy way to be confident and feel strong.


Not only shopping and fitting.. there was time for some non-alcohol cocktails and cupcakes!

Fitting some nice dresses in the shop with one of the beautiful women.

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