Michael Kors aw17: “We are stronger together”


There is Ashley again…

Fantastic to see a big designer who has chosen to show another size on the runway! Well, done, Michael Kors! Next time, fifty fifty… that would be amazing! What I also think it’s great to see a mix of men and women… I love this kind of concepts…

Edie Campbell, Ashley Graham, Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner. There are as many different kinds of sexy as there were women on Michael Kors’s runway today. What unites them, if you ask the designer, is their confidence. Kors didn’t address the political situation head-on here the way he did last September. With this diverse cast he seemed to be making an implied point: We are stronger together.

And I see inbetweenie proof items in this collection… oversized and even at the mens collection! I already made my wishlist, Michael…

Same silhouette on different sizes, as you can see, it makes you look bigger than you really are. I would have chosen another look for Ashley… but… that’s my opinion

Do you know what’s great about these? Oversized items are inbetweenie proof!

And more oversized, omg! A size 40/42 will fit inbetweenies perfectly!

And you can also give it a try at the mens section! Love this styling by the way!

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