Minx shows also some inbetweenies!


Check out there were inbetweenies in this Minx show!


Yesterday was the show of the German brand Minx by Eva Lutz in Berlin during fashion week. And this was a great show. Do you know why? Because next to all the straight size models, there were 2 inbetweenies on the runway! The inbetweenies were wearing Sallie Sahne (plus size sister of Minx) And this makes me so happy! Angelina Kirsch and Aglae Dreyer were the larger size models. And this how it should be. Show some size diversity on the runway.

Great to see that another straight size label is showing some larger size models on their runway. No, not plus size models.. no.. just ‘average size’ models. Great!!! Well done, Eva!!


Gorgeous Angelina Kirsch
Angelina Kirsch_minx

Beautiful Algae Dreyer
Minx+Eva+Lutz_Aglae Dreyer

Check out the show:

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