Monki goes ‘inbetweenie’


Naomi Shimada for Monki

Cool… this is how it should be. And this is my mission and goal in the fashion industry. A straight size label, having also inbetweenie size models in their campaigns, images. Naomi Shimada, is the model with size 40-42 EU, 10-12 US. Monki did it this time. I think it’s the first time.

This brand which often goes up to a size 40 EU and sometimes size 44EU. I shop there often and I fit in many pieces. Some items are even size less. Great shape, even inbetweenies and up can wear it. Give to a try, maybe you will score a skirt, oversized coat or great jumper! My tip to Monki: extend your sizes! Please?!?!?

I love the style, Asian modern street style. Mix it with my own style, is a great combo!

Do you know what’s really funny? This was not in the news at all… the whole circus about CK campaign or Jenny Runk for H&M last year. I think this is even more special. A size 40-42 for a brand which largest size is 40-42 means real revolution! Probably I am the only one who thinks this is special.






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