More and more about inbetweenies!

Again some news about inbetweenie Robyn Lawley.
At size 14 to 16, she is technically a ”plus model”, a range also, ironically, typical of 80 per cent of Australian women.
And 47 % of the Dutch women, from 18 years old, has a size 14 or bigger.
Lawley’s agent, Chelsea Bonner of Bella Model Management: ”I knew she’d be the one to bridge the gap between size and fashion. She’s got everything high fashion looks for but she’s also got the curves and that’s the difference; she’s the one person who will break the mould, the one who only comes along once in a generation.”

”I love fashion,” Lawley says. ”I want to be dressed in amazing clothing but it’s such a painful experience when labels don’t even cater for your size. It’s like a slap in the face. I want to say: ‘I’m a beautiful girl too, why won’t you cater for me?’ I can’t even fit into sass & bide. I can’t represent a lot of Australian brands when I’m in America or Europe because they don’t have my size.”

This is exactly my point! Why aren’t all straight labels go up to size 20? Straight size labels should think more and more about the forgotten group: the inbetweenies! There’s a totally new market!
I don’t want to wear shapeless, too big plussize labels. I am too small for these! I don’t want to hide my body!

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