More dressed inbetweenie/plussize stories!

You see plussize models appear in the media more and more. Magazines are filled once a year with plussize models. But what are they wearing? Are they wearing anything? You see a lot of naked models. I already wrote an article about this. It’s either naked or a back-in-time story
My conclusion: there are no designer clothes for the women. it’s not that inbetweenies are so large that they don’t look great in the clothes. The problem everytime are the samples. I am struggling with this problem now. I’m doing a couple of inbetweenie shoots. I am lucky I am making autumn/winter stories. So I need winterclothes and I can borrow clothes from shops! But I can’t make stories for summer 2012, because there are no labels to use for inbetweenie stories. And the plussize labels are not high end enough to use for my stories.

stylelist came with an article about NAKED: PLUS MODELS IN MAGAZINES. Aimee Cheshire of Madisonplus: “Looking back we noticed an absolute trend. Most of the shoots were partially if not all nude, swim or lingerie. Even in W’s recent “Transformers” shoot, which featured an otherwise fully-clothed Candice Huffine, she is fully-revealing her breast, the only nudity in the story.”

But I am working on fashion shoots with beautiful inbetweenies WITH clothes on! To show the fashion world IT IS POSSIBLE! I did this shoot last year for Dutch magazine avantgarde. But more to come! SOON!

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