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Check my favorites of the Gabi Fresh collection!

And here the looks… of the Gabi Fresh for Swim Sexy Swimsuits for all collection. She designed 9 different pieces (8 bikinis and a one piece). The bottoms are all very high waist. Gabi: “This year, I was in charge of coming up with the creative concept for the photo shoot. I decided I wanted a really luxe feel and I loved the idea of a rich/bored housewife theme. We shot at a gorgeous house in Beverly Hills and had such an amazing day.”

The collection looks great, love the prints! Gabi and the models look amazing….
I hear all the time how would these bikinis look on not-models. Gabi is not a model. Size 18 US, 48 EU and only 1.65m tall. So, you can see how it looks on her! Gabi: “I am wearing a size 18 E/F in the bikini tops and the palm print one piece. Although I am technically 38HH. I am wearing size 20 in the bikini bottoms (for reference, I am size 18/20 in pants at most retailers), so if you are between sizes you should order the larger size.”

I tried some bikinis of this brand , and for me they are a bit high. When I wear it, I look bigger as I am. But you can always pull down the bottom a bit. I think it was better, there were 2 bottom options. And a great tip from Gabi, always wear a size larger borrow as you are. I tell this all the time, it makes you look slimmer.










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