My Ali Express selection


My selection surprised me

I knew about Ali Express a long time now. But I always were very sceptic about this website. Order items from a chinese website, will it arrive? The quality? The sizes? And about the last one I was absolutely curious. I was checking this site for T shirts in size XL, XXL and other things. I also found a cool military bomber jacket, in 4XL. The jeans vest also came in a size 4 XL. Well, I show my Ali Express-experience in this video.

Check the video (turn on the subtitles!!)

I noticed that a size 4XL, is compared to a size 44-46 EU. Not really huge! I wanted to test it, for you! So you know it’s worth searching on this website. You can be very lucky, finding unique items. You won’t meet someone who’s wearing the same in your neighbor.

I am totally pro Ali Express now! I have ordered now also some make up products. And they are so cheap, absolutely worth to try them. I will go on, shopping on Ali Express.. specially some unique things… but.. first sale shopping… it’s everywhere now!

This is the bomber jacket in size 4XL, is more a size 44 EU, on the hips a bit tight. The sleeves are not really wide.

The jeans gilet/vest in size 4XL, is more a size 44-46 EU, love the thin fabric!

T shirt, XXL, way too tight. My boobs are too big for the eyes… haha! (check the video)

Vogue shirt, XL, very tight shirt, this was the largest size they had… I wish it came in size 4XL.

Loafer mules, size 10, totally crush! More than happy! Only 45 euro!

These are the real Gucci loafer mules (595 euro)

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