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A collaborative swimwear campaign – no restrictions, no compromises.

Again an amazing campaign from Weekday, making a statement! Well done! Love to see different women, a great diversity… this is the reason I love this brand so much!

In time for swimsuit season, Weekday asked 25 women to contribute self-portraits that showcase the 8 new fits for spring/summer. Given complete creative control, they had an unrestricted opportunity to create the sort of images they want to see. The result is a nuanced campaign that is individual yet collaborative, honest and real.
“We want to engage woman to take control and/or reflect over how the female body is portrayed in media,” says Nadine Schmidt, Head of Marketing at Weekday.

The Weekday swimwear collection is created by women for women. New fit-focused separates come in multiple flattering colours with details such as high waists, asymmetrical lines, full bottom coverage, thin straps and high necklines; celebrate the diversity of the female body. From today in stores.

Nadine Schmidt, Head of Marketing at Weekday:

As a fashion brand, we feel that it is our responsibility to present an accurate portrayal of women. We hope this campaign gives women the power and opportunity to tell their truth and depict their body the way they want.

There are also Dutch women in this campaign:
Celine Bernaerts, Yo-kaw Pat, Nanna op het Veld, Yin Fung, Rochelle Perts, Romy Bresseleers



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