My hair and my secret!


As a fashion stylist I am used to write about styles, trends and of course clothes. Last week I got this question: what’s your hair secret? Women really want to know about my hair? haha.. ok… let’s do it! I naturally have very straight hair. Don’t have to use an iron at all. My hair color is ‘cool blonde’.

I have had this style for many years, and I still get compliments every day! I always go to Tony & Guy in Amsterdam. Laura is the only one who can ‘touch’ my hair… haha! Hair is like a ‘crown’. If your make up is terrible and you have amazing hair.. you still look great! That’s my opinion.

I want to show you how I create this structure and volume in my hair. I have typical thin hair and no volume at all. Working with make up artists for more than 10 years now, I pay a lot of attention to them and ‘steal’ their secrets. I learned how to make a wave in my hair. And the secret about my volume! I always use styling powder from Schwarzkopf, I call it ‘magic powder’.

It’s a light white powder which makes my hair rough, it gets the softness out of it, like when you were at the beach. During the day you can go through your hair with your hands, shake it up and create more volume again! It’s my addiction… can’t live without it anymore!

I will show you some steps, so you can do it yourself! Send me some pictures if you’re happy with the result.

1. My hair is blown dry by the blower, very straight.

2. I use a very thin straightener of Chi, to create some waves in my hair. Very easy! I just twist my hair round the straightener.

3. And there is my magic powder! Put a little on you hair, rub it a bit and there’s the volume!

4. And there I am! My hair…

5. Having fun, like a child! LOVE it!

6. And the result!


  • Leuk artikel! Mooie kleur. Een coole blonde haarkleur is zo moeilijk! Ik probeer het al jaren, de enigste verf waarmee ik het zelf kan is L’oreal Preference Viking 9.1, en wassen met l Oréal Professional zilvershampoo (ik doe om de wasbeurt, anders wordt het te grauwig). Maar daar red je het i.d.d. toch niet helemaal mee, bij een goede kapper af en toe laten kleuren en highlights zetten en uitgroei verven is een must maar zo duur… ik moet om de 4-5 weken! Hoe dan ook wordt het toch na een paar weken altijd ietwat warm.. denk dat je basis blonde kleur toch minimaal middenblond moet zijn, en je moet geen roodtinten hebben…

  • Hai, I,am Anna from the Netherlands, do I have too speak english too??hihi….I have a question about your color,it,s amazing!
    My hair is dark brown and I have blond it last time 4 times(because I want it lightbrown, it only never happens right), then red and now black with highlights.
    Every time I give it a blond paint it would be orange-blond, never lighter, I have very thin fine hair….so I can,t do it so many times, but…….I want your color, please!!…did you blond it and using Silver shampoo or something???
    Love your blog!!!……greetz Anna

    • Anna, bedankt voor je berichtje! Ik laat mijn haar altijd verven bij Tony & Guy. In Amsterdam.
      Als je deze kleur wilt, moet je echt naar een goede kapper gaan.
      Mijn haar is echt cool blond geverfd. En ja, ik was altijd met zilver shampoo.
      Suc6 met je haar! Hopelijk lukt het je om deze kleur te krijgen!
      gr. Edith

  • Nice! I have that powder, but didn’t really give it a good try. Going to give it another go. Dry shampoo apparently also helps with creating volume.

    I used to create curls with my straightener, but recently bought a Remington pearl wand. It is awesome, but dangerously hot. My hair is very long, thick and heavy, but these curls barely sag. I like the looser waves I get on the 2nd and 3rd day.

  • AAAArgh! That Got2Be powder makes your hair feel filthy! I use it too, but only on special occasions when my hair just HAS to stay poofy. The rest of the time it's a bit of backcombing and Elnett hairspray. Not as much volume, but at least I feel clean! 😀

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