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Kim Seghers: “I believe very strongly that every woman – of every size – should be able to wear the latest fashion trends. I built Fox Factor on the strength of that one belief.”


In love
On instagram I noticed this amazing pair of jeans, I saw Fox Factor. OMG… I am in love. I was checking this brand and I thought it came from the USA. But no, it’s from our neighbours, Fox Factor is a jeans brand from Belgium. I am always so happy to see new ‘inbetweenie proof’ brands starting. I love the inbetweenie model in the campaign and lookbook. Her name is Olesya Raspanova, she is a Russian model, living New York. The size range is from 42 EU to 52 EU.


Kim Seghers has started Fox Factor:
“Fox Factor arose, fundamentally, from the idea of equality.
From the belief that every woman deserves to be treated like a queen. And dress like one. And feel like one. Ever since I was very young, I’ve noticed something that I couldn’t figure out.
The trendy clothes in stores would stop at size 40 or 42. And clothes sizes 42 and up were not as trendy or pretty. Why is there a difference? I have always wondered. Being older now, I know that there is absolutely no reason to make a different kind of clothes for ‘plus-sized’ women. We are all women. We are all unique. We all have different lives, different beliefs and different curves.”


Good ripped jeans
‘Your curves are sexy, so are our jeans.’ And I can confirm this feeling. When I tried these jeans on, I felt myself sexy in the right way. The comfort of the Miami, slim fit jeans is so amazing. First I thought it was too small, but wearing it for a while, it became perfectly. Because of the stretch I can wear a size 48 EU. This is normally my size. I was searching a long time to find good ripped jeans. And these are the queens, believe me! I am very very critical when it becomes to clothes and fit. And for Fox factor will get a 9+ for their jeans! You can buy your Fox factor jeans with 10% discount, use the code FOX.

Every jeans will arrive in a cute box and personal message, it’s a real gift

Comfy and sexy
I have tried so many jeans the last past years. And I must say, these are worth the money. Fox Factor is not a cheap jeans brand, but worth every cent. Jeans are from 135,- to 159,-. The jeans with cool washing and statement rips are so outspoken. Not only very trendy, but also very very comfortable! And the last part is one of most important things about wearing jeans. When jeans are comfy, you feel great and you will feel confident. And confident women are the most sexy!

These are my favourite 3 jeans and I have reviewed them for you!

Check my video:

Different sizes
Beside the Miami, slim fit, I also tried the Los Angeles and the Naples. Both are non stretch, girlfriend fits. And I love these mid rise fit, 80s style. because there’s no stretch, I needed the size 50 EU. The Los angeles I am wearing is this size. But the Naples, I decided to go for the 52 EU. For a more statement loose fit style.

Miami, size 48 EU, stretch, very soft

Los Angeles, size 50 EU,

Los Angeles, extreme ripped, great to combine with plus size fishnet stockings

Naples, size 52 EU, length 32

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