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Almost one year after I decided to start my own label, now it’s time to let YOU know… my webshop will soon be online! Exactly only 1 week to go! In the webshop you can buy clothes I have designed. ‘Designed’?? haha… I am not a designer, but a size 44-46 EU stylist who loves fashion! And I know exactly what’s missing in the fashion industry: the ‘middle segment’, sizes 42-48 EU.

As a curvy woman, and being an inbetweenie, I know exactly which shapes are perfect for us! I have chosen for items I think will fit these women very well. Starting a clothing line was a dream come true! With my clothing line I took the shape of these women into account: all curves will be fully appreciated because I’m not only focusing on breasts or hips, but also, for instance, on the upper arms. And thanks to the sophistication of tailoring per item of clothing you’ll choose a size that is perfectly yours.

For my first clothing line, I chose to go with a vintage look: a mix of high fashion and my own sense of style. The line exists of 3 types of styles: Ladylike, Simplicity and Rebel. Three styles perfectly compatible for some fun mixing and matching: from feminine and up-to-date, simplistic and timeless, to edgy and eye-catching prints. The clothing line comes with jackets, blouses, dresses, tunics and skirts.

Below you’ll find some backstage pictures from visiting the Tissue Premier in Lille to shooting the pictures for my website, to recording the backstage video. A very excited day was the press presentation! And my latest project was visiting the factory in Poland, to check the production, which was very emotional and amazing to see.

Me, in front of the inbetweenie mannequin…
foto kopie

Tissue Premier in Lille:

Backstage at the photoshoot for the webshop:

The set, vintage style!

Recording the backstage video, with Naomi Bais.

During the press presentation:

Checking the production in Poland:


  • SUPER pumped!!! Congratulations!!!
    Would love to do a promo for if you’re up for it!?! (sister site to

  • Gefeliciteerd! Ik volg je nu al een tijdje en vind sowieso dat je goed werk doet, maar dit is helemaal geweldig. Ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat (en hoop stiekem dat t niet alleen vriendelijk is voor mn curves maar ook voor mn portemonnee ;)! All the best!

  • All the best of luck with the launch of the online shop – it sounds like a fantastic idea! I’m also an inbetweenie, and have been following your blog for some time now so I’m really excited to see your new site! There is such a gap in the market for EU 44-48 sizes; most of the brands stop at 42 and those brands who go up to 44 don’t include all of their designs, and of course there is hardly anything for 46/48 sizes – it’s really frustrating. Can’t wait to see your designs!

  • Beautiful and congratulations! If you don't mind, going to post on to our fb community, we have a ton of plus women that would kill for your beautiful designs.

  • You are AWESOME..i am so excited to see you site and your fashions! Way to go…i need help in this department…i will be starting a new career in business administration and need a good wardrobe.. that's professional and sexy…

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