My phone case, my personality


Every time I get my phone out of my bag, people react to my I phone case. They recognize it… think it’s funny! Yes.. it’s a cassette from the 80s. People like it so much. I must say… I still love this design! I love to have a really cool phone case. One which is very personal. A case really fitted to my personality and style. On smartphonehoesjes I saw some really cute cases here… I am already addicted to the wooden one! The vintage camera. And I love the retro ‘game boy’… it owns the same feeling as my cassette case.

My selection of some cool phone cases…

Even for your iPad there are so many cute cases. I really love the one with drawings! Mustaches, and the lovely Marc Jacobs case. First saving for an iPad… then I will search for a great case… on tablethoezen I saw some really cool ones! You will get a 10% discount on these cases… by using this CODE MH-shnskorting. This discount is till 6 July 2014.


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