My swim body!


I am wearing this bikini


Swimsuits For All is calling on women from around the world to show off their swim bodies this summer by participating in the #MySwimBody movement. #MySwimBody encourages women, regardless of age, shape and size, to make a powerful statement about body positivity by tossing their cover-ups and unveiling their curves!
Ashley Graham kicked off the campaign earlier this month by posting a selfie of her swim body with fellow models Philomena Kwao and Nicola Griffin.

Swimsuits For All has sent me this lovely bikini. I wear a size 20 US top and 22 US bottom.

Now, Ashley is inviting you to join the movement and share a swimsuit selfie on Instagram with the tag #MySwimBody and to challenge a friend to do the same by tagging her in your caption. The goal is to have 10,000 women show off their unique swim bodies as a united front, celebrating female empowerment and body appreciation.

I am not showing myself often in swimwear on my website or instagram. Not that I don’t dare to do this, but it has more to do with showing ‘too naked pictures’ online of myself. I always wear bikinis when I am on the beach. Now I am supporting this empowerment, because I say it very often, everybody is a bikini body. And it’s great to see a whole group of proud women showing theirselves in their swimwear!

Hope I inspire you, to do the same! Share a picture on instagram…Use the hashtag #MySwimBody in all posts.

The gilet/jacket is from Costes Fashion




  • I wouldn’t dare to show my bikini pictures for a million dollars! This is why I think you so brave. Brave as you (and me) are not what society is expecting to see in bikini (aka inbetweenie).
    Since I had a baby tough and no time to take care of myself properly, I am feeling very uncomfortable to show of a piece of skin.
    So, well done my friend!

    Ylenia (aka Longuette)

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