My visit to Modefabriek

Twice a year, the Amsterdam RAI is the bustling centre of both the national and international fashion world. I visited it this season… to see if there’s something new! This year there was MINT. MINT has a dream. A vision for the future of fashion: great style, made with respect for people and our environment.
I first met this great pure Vegan shoe brand Olsen Haus.
I really loved this platform. Specially when I saw so much fur in the regular collections.
Even Bont door dieren was going ‘undercover’ to talk to people of shops to talk about a fur-free shop!
I was happily surprised more and more brands are extending their sizes. A very cute brand
House of Dots which collection comes in sizes: 34 to 52!!! This is the future!! There was a little platform with some young and fresh collections: Amator, I am nold, Esther Vijftigschild and CLUB MANHATTAN.
I love these: they gave me so much inspiration!

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