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Yesterday launched



Yesterday Nadia Aboulhosn has launched her collection. It’s a capsule collection, with only a few items. Only 7 items, and the 2 dusters are already sold out. The size range is from S to 3XL, means size 0-4 to 22-24 US. Well, all of the items are stretch, so… it will always fit? The tops and brown dress is very short, for tall women it probably will be a thing. I know Nadia and Gabi are not that tall, for them it will be perfect.

Love how she did this:

It’s a very sober and minimalistic collection, typical Nadia’s style.. I must say, I love the extra long sleeves with drawcords. Which is really trendy now. But for me it’s really basic. It’s reminds me to American Apparel, a bit sporty influences. Nothing new to me. But I love to see, that Nadia has chosen for real size diversity. Also great to see Gabi Fresh in her campaign. Prices from 30 dollar for a crop top to 110 dollar for a dress. All USA made, that’s great to hear.





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