Edith Dohmen is sitting there! Next to Anna Wintour

I don’t want to miss my chance to be at the fourth LOOK.co.uk Show on Saturday September 17th 2011, during London Fashion Week AW11!

Why should I be front row at this show:
Always the same young bloggers in size 6 who think they can look fashionable.
What’s their mission or goal?
With my blog I want to shout out for all inbetweenies! The forgotten girls!
Inbetweenies are girls/women in size 12-18 who can’t wear the straight designers stuff and are too small for the plussize labels! Time for diversity on te catwalk and fashion industry.

I am absolutely sure STYLE has NOTHING to do with SIZE!

I am a fashion stylist for 8 years now, I have never seen my size of stylist at the frontrow!
Now it’s time Edith Dohmen is sitting there! Next to Anna Wintour, so I can discuss with her the diversity of models in the fashionworld!

And YES, Tony&Guy is my hairdresser for years! And I LOVE them!

Hope so you’re also ready for diversity, it starts at the frontrow!
I am still free on Saturday September 17th 2011!

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