No more diets in 2015 !


My opinion about diets

As you might know… I am very against diets. I will never promote a diet. But I am pro healthy lifestyle. So I will promote that. A new year, and we all have some goals or changes for this year. Maybe for some of you becoming more healthy. Eat healthy, go more to the gym. But I think it’s more important to love yourself the way you are now. Embracing your body and feel good. Of course sports and healthy food can do a lot.

But, please! Don’t torture yourself with a diet. Loosing weight is easy… but staying the same weight is very hard. And guess what? The power of diets is, it’s never their fault you fail… no… that’s YOU. That’s why everyone will start over and over again. And when the time will be there every woman loves herself the way she are, the diet industry is history.

My experience and my opinion. Diets, will make you eat and make you more fat then before. Just remember that!
“I like you just the weigh you are!”

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