No more ‘real women’ in Brigitte Magazine

Brigitte Magazine stopped using ‘real women’ in their magazine. With ‘real women’ they mean: not professional models. It didn’t work and it costs too much money.
Three years ago they started a zero-tolerance policy on size zeros. Against the ultra-skinny norm, it declared that it would no longer use professional models and would instead fill its pages with real women, “to restore naturalness in beauty and to show that attractiveness has many faces”.

I could have told you, it won’t work! We don’t want to see ‘real women’ like your neighbour or aunt in a magazine. No, we want to see someone we can compare with, but we always want to see a better version of ourselves. This is a conclusion from many results about this item.

Fashion is illusion. But a gorgeous model can be a size 36 but also a size 46. And this can be models, this maybe should be models! Because models have something special and shine on pictures! Not every gorgeous woman is photogenic or can be a model. I think models with real sizes can work! So it’s time for size diversity in fashion! Women are in different sizes, so are models!

The new editor of Brigitte revealed that professional models would be used occasionally but never “zero size” ones. “We promise we will continue to abstain from presenting size-zero models”, she said. The new policy, featuring professional models, will start with the next issue on 19th September.

This time I agree with Karl Lagerfeld, his opinion about this Brigitte ‘real women’ issue: “fashion was all about dreams and illusions”. But I think dreams and illusions can be in different sizes, colours or ages.

Cover Brigitte with a model, 2009

Cover Brigitte with a ‘real woman’, 2010

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  • I do agree with you; the problem was also, that many of the real woman were very skinny and young and most of the user thought that the Brigitte will show more curvy and plus sizes; the Brigitte answeres many times that they don’t get enough clothes for real sized women because the fashion industry produce mostly samples up to size 38 (M);
    I worked a lot with profi models and also with private people for shootings as a make ip artist and stylist, and it is wonderful to make photos with normal people, but the way to get funtastic photos with them is mostly quite longer than with a profi; I am still missing a fashion magazine with curvy and plus sizes on the german market, like PLUS Model Magazine (high quality shoots !!!) kindest regards from Germany Mrs Rubens

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