No more unrealistically small sample sizes in Vogue?

Breaking news in fashion world! The Health Initiative, a pact between the 19 international Editors of Vogue to encourage a healthier approach to body image within the industry, was announced today. Vogue is uniquely placed to engage with relevant issues in order to make a difference. Vogue believes that good health is beautiful. No more unrealistically small sample sizes in Vogue? This means a revolution: the end of a too skinny fashion period… ? Hopefully more magazines will follow. The next step will be samples in sizes 36 and 42, so stylists have their own choice to work with a regular or an inbetweenie…

The June issues of Vogue launch The Health Initiative globally featuring individually commissioned editorial, while the Editors of Vogue have agreed a six point pact as follows:
1. We will not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder.
2. We will ask agents not to knowingly send us underage girls and casting directors to check IDs when casting shoots, shows and campaigns.
3. We will help to structure mentoring programmes where more mature models are able to give advice and guidance to younger girls
4. We will encourage producers to create healthy backstage working conditions, including healthy food options and a respect for privacy.
5. We encourage designers to consider the consequences of unrealistically small sample sizes of their clothing, which limits the range of women who can be photographed in their clothes, AND ENCOURAGES THE USE OF EXTREMELY THIN MODELS.
6. We will be ambassadors for the message of healthy body image.


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