No one wants to see fat women on the runway?


Karl Lagerfeld on Jean Marc Morandini: “Personne ne veut voir les rondes sur les podiums”. Translated: “No one wants to see fat women on the runway, and fat people drain the health service”. That’s what Karl Lagerfeld says. I have a hate and love relationship with him. He has a great vision in fashion. But his endless battle about ‘fat people cannot be in fashion’ will also stay. He was plus size himself. He lost 41 kilos in 1 year. His quote about dieting: “Dieting is the only game where you win when you loose”
And when he lost weight he became anti-obese. The picture above shows his size years ago. As a ‘fat designer’ on the runway… probably also ‘not done’? When he says no one wants to see fat women on the runway… a little sad… don’t you think, Karl? It’s time to change… even if you are 80 years old.
What do you think about this statement: ‘No one wants to see fat women on the runway’? leave a comment…


On the runway as we’ve known him for years now… and yes! I love his style… but not his statement!


  • Men are afraid of "fat" ( average size 10-14 women)…it's a Freudian suffocating mother thing…Interesting that Lucian Freud's portrait, ' Benefits Supervisor Sleeping', sold for 34 million dollars in 2008…

  • I call bullshit. I want to see fat women (and indeed body diversity of all types) on the runway. I am not “no one.” His argument is invalid. 😉

    Moreover, I know I’m not alone in this desire. I can’t say whether I’m in the majority — but there is a contigent of folks (with non-negligible voice and purchase power) who support portraying a wider variety of bodies as beautiful, fashionable, and otherwise desirable.o

  • The problem is Karl’s definition of ‘fat’ is a size 10 upwards. Karl is a misogenist pure and simple

  • I would like to know what he considers fat. The average women size is 145lbs and a dress size 11-14. So is he saying no one wants to see an average women on the run way? And I know some women above that size that are stunning and perfect and I love seeing them on the run way. He doesn't speak for everyone so he needs to reword his statement to reflect the truth. HE doesn't want to see any "fat" women. I'm sure this has to do with personal issues that are effecting him. Maybe his mommy told him he was fat and now he has a distorted body image. 🙂

  • Arrogant prick, He (she) forgotten where he came from, mayby he is not even able to design bigger clothes. x

  • No one wants to see old grumpy saggy men on the runway either, yet there he is, not giving a damn. All "fat women" should have the same attitude :p

  • This is just one of the many reasons I can’t stand Karl Lagerfeld. I’m completely puzzled when it comes to the massive amount of people worshipping him and everything he says. He’s a hypocrite.

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