No real H&M+ ads…

There was a little rumor in the plus size scene. Is this ad real?? Wow so COOL what H&M+ is doing… Everyone was copying these pictures without asking themselves if these are real or not…
And yes, it’s a fake advertisement. I checked it with H&M press NL. IPM Models shows some pictures of a size 12/14 (US) model with the logo of H&M. But these are not produced by H&M+. This inbetweenie, who is really gorgeous, is wearing a bikini of the regular swimwear collection. H&M+ would never come with this kind of swimwear for their + collection or have a model in ‘this pose’ on the right. Their campaign is with Tara Lynn and their swimwear is most of the time full coverage! In this collection a swimsuit with ruffles and there’s a black bikini with white dots coming!!!! That last one… I wanna have!!!!! Can’t wait till it will be in store or online!



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  • Thanks for this post, Edith. There are many models who put fake logos on pictures to give the impression of work, but they do not realise that they are leaving themselves open to copyright infringement! I hope she is not in trouble from H&M for using their logo without permission – but maybe they will see the message and use models of colour in their campaigns?

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