‘Normal sized models’ are in-between everything….

An article about ‘Normal sized models’ on Fashionista.com and if these models can work in the fashion business. This is really something to think about… What exactly is the ‘normal size’??? You have straight size: 34-36 and ‘plus size’ and full figured. The ‘average size of women’ is size 38-42. So if models in this category means they are really in-between everything. Too big for straight and too small for plus size. Maybe ‘normal’ is not special enough for the fashion industry? There always has to be an illusion?

Katie Halchishick is working on “Healthy is the New Skinny” and she tells how hard it is to be an in-between size model. She also started her own model agency Natural Model Management. Crystall Renn also talked about this sizeless model issue before.

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