Shopping clothes for the average sized woman!


Why is it so difficult for average sized women to shop for clothes? This is the question I have been asking myself for years! Fashionista wrote an article about this and had an interview with Aimee Cheshire from Madison Plus Select, who also sells my collection in the US. This, for me, is the whole issue going on in fashion lately. Straight size goes up to a size 42 EU-12 US and the plus size starts at 44 EU-14 US, but the shape is way too wide and big. The group of women with average sizes is the largest group. A huge group wanting to look great and searching for clothes. I don’t get why the fashion industry is still sleeping.

The inbetweenies are women who are in between sizes. Sizes 42-48 EU and exactly they are the average sized women. And I saw that this is a forgotten group. Too big for the straight sizes and too small for the plus sizes. Because the shape of plus size is way too big or too wide most of the time. For me it’s so weird that average size women can’t be part of the fashion industry. Starting from a size 42, they are already called plus.

Inbetweenies are absolutely NOT the minority… this is the largest group all over the world! I started my label to show the fashion industry it’s possible to make clothes in this inbetweenie segment, while still having great shape. On the picture above all models wear sizes 42-48 EU,12-18 US.

My mission will be completed when the straight size fashion and the designer labels would extend to at least a size 46 EU-16 US or even a size 48 EU-18 US. And the plus size will start at size 50 EU-20 US. We could then forget about the inbetweenies, because they would be in the straight size section.

Still don’t know why it should be so difficult to find beautiful clothes in the main street shops. And no, average size women don’t want to shop in ‘special sizes’ shops or only online! NO! A nice group of women, friends, want to shop together in the same shops and have fun!

These are ‘real inbetweenies’, I selected these from my real inbetweenies-page:


  • I live in Mexico, and is more difficult in this country, te plus sizes are too big and not fashionable at all. Sometimes i think that the store buyers think that because we are big we have to wer ugly clothes. When i go shopping, i get depressed.

  • I don't't consider myself too big, but I hardly can find trousers that fit. It makes me angry and frustrated. I'm a normal woman and I want fashionable clothes!

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