Not too small, not too big for Asos Curve!

This was a message from ASOS CURVE on Facebook: “Curvettes we hope you all had a nice weekend.
We just wanted to write a post about our models, as we know there have been some un-happy bloggers writing posts and also comments on here.

In the plus size industry a plus size model is considered anything from a size 12 upwards, silly we know but then the models used on main range are a size 6, and lets face it only a small percentage of the world are a size 6, so shoppers of a size 16 have the same problem as some of you face with visualising the style on themselves. Curve has always ensured the models used on the site are around a size 16, admittedly some do look just under but happily some over too.
We do appreciate though the new model recently used is far smaller than the standard we set. She is beautiful we know, but we will not be using her again as we do not think it sent out the right message to our shoppers, and we hope we did offend any of you.

Thank you to everyone who filled in our on-line survey, and please be assured we take into account all the messages on here too. We are very happy with the regular models we use, and also our new model we used on our Premium range as we feel all of these offer a plus size look. We do agree though this is an area we can improve on as many of you would like to see clothes on a size 20 model. We hear you but unfortunately this size model is not a standard in the industry and there for not very easy to find, however this doesn’t mean we don’t try. We really do listen to you, so watch this space x”

Customers were complaining about the sizes…. I love to see inbetweenies in their collections. Size 12-18 (UK), a nice diversity… Maybe this new model was a little too small.. so let the inbetweenies come back to Asos Curve!! I think it’s very good Asos has such a good communication with their customers… and really listen to us!

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  • Ik hoop alleen dat ze hier: and we hope we didN’T offend any of you. bedoelen in plaats van and we hope we did offend any of you.
    Maar verder inderdaad goed dat ze het zo communiceren!

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