NYDJ Fit to be ‘whatever you want’ in any size or age!


NYDJ Fit to be….? The new campaign SS16 from NYDJ shows different models….


NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) creates high-quality, flattering, and stylish apparel that makes customers look and feel amazing. Founded in Los Angeles in 2003, NYDJ pioneered the slimming denim category by introducing a revolutionary jean that was both comfortable and figure flattering. And yes… I agree… clothes should be flattering… specially jeans! So… I am very curious…

The exclusive Lift Tuck® Technology, designed to make you look and feel a size smaller because of our unique slimmingpanel with criss-cross design. It works so well, we recommend that you order a size
down from what you normally wear. The most jeans go up to a size 48 EU, some jeans even larger, to a size 58 EU. NYDJ has sent me some jeans, but these wear too small for me… so for me: I DO need my real size.. oops! I can’t wait to try these jeans… of course I will show you!! On the website or on instagram. Follow me, if you weren’t yet!

Fit to be, fit to be sexy, fit to be confident, fit to be happy, fit to be brilliant, fit to be happy, etc.
The women in the campaign are Bridget Moynahan, Christie Brinkley, Ashley Graham and Lana Ogilvie. All different women. Different age, color and size! Great to see that this brand also shows diversity…

Have you ever tried a jeans from this brand? Or any other NYDJ experiences? Let me know…





Check the interview with the women:

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  • I have! Some of my favorite pants have come from NYDJ. The fit in the waist, butt and thighs is amazing and so flattering. (I’m 5’4″ and wear a 12 with a tiny waist). I do find I have to dig a bit to find cuts I like, since they do have a wide range of cuts and some of them border on mom jeans. Sometimes I’ll find ones that I like the top fit, the color and the fabric weight so I buy them then have the legs altered to a skinny rather than a straight leg.

    Their leggings are A+.

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