Oh if you could see me now


Above a picture of me and my mum, I was just a few days old.

“Oh if you could see me now” is a great song by The Script. This sentence I repeat in my head over and over again, and want to say this to my mum! A big dream is coming true but I can’t share it with my greatest fan and inspiration. Mum, I am still miss you after 9 years. Especially in this period of time: my label is about to come out in 5 days! I know you are with me and will be very proud. Miss you!! Because of you I am this strong woman I am right now. You were a strong, confident and beautiful inbetweenie! Love you! And I will NEVER forget you!

The song:
“Would you call me a saint or a sinner?
Would you love me a loser or winner?
Oh, oh
When I see my face in the mirror
We look so alike that it makes me shiver”

“So if you lost a sister, someone’s lost a mom
And if you lost a dad then someone’s lost a son
And they’re all missing out, yeah they’re all missing out
So if you get a second to look down on me now
Mom, Dad I’m just missing you now”

This picture was made on my holy communion. She always dressed fashionable and stylish.

This is the song…

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