Orange in a fashionable way!


The WC… you just can’t miss this huge event in Brazil. And the Dutch team is doing very well. Tonight they will play in the quarter final against Costa Rica. We can be very, very proud of our team! And hopefully they will score a lot and they will make it to the half finals. And the color for Holland is orange. One of the most ugly colors, if you ask me…

On the picture above, I am wearing an orange blazer from Zara, bought years ago! And I created a broche with some feathers. Totally my style and in WC style..

Many brands came with orange stuff. Not only for men and kids, no… even for us.. women! But… there is this thing. Bavaria came with a ‘HolanDress’. And I must admit I really love this design. A dress which is wearable in 2 ways. An orange version and a floral print one. This is for the first time, there is a really stylish dress for a football event.

Not available in average size?
But… this cool ‘HolanDress’ was not available in my size. Not even in the average size of the Dutch woman. Which is size 42 EU, 12 US. So… who can wear this dress? Haha… it only came in size 34-40 EU, 4-10 US. And this became a big discussion on the internet! And reading these things… made me very very angry! OMG…

Then Bavaria decided to extend the size. And also produced a size 42 EU, 12 US. Well well… so it does work, when people let themselves be heard! Shout out, give your opinion! And not only in this case… no, every time..


Check out how it works…

Most of the time it’s a very trashy style, which I really don’t like at all. WHY?? Do women have to look cheap and trashy during this event? The most terrible and unflattering thing is the ‘juichpak’ a sweatsuit, designed by Roy Donders for Jumbo. And I think this is really the lowest you can go. Pfff… I spotted a girl wearing this suit and I asked to be with her in the picture. She was very proud wearing this. I was really in shock, that there are really people who have the guts to wear this.


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