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My new goal for this year is to bring straight and plus together. I want to put my inspirators from all over the world into the spotlight. I get really inspired by the straight size influencers, bloggers, fashionistas, models. They are following the trends really good and create their own unique style. They dare to wear what is in fashion and they can find the items which are hot at that moment. The last thing is not easy for the plus size market.

I noticed also there are different trends in the plus as they are in fashion at that moment. As a fashion stylist, I want to wear what I saw on the runways immediately, instead of waiting for another season.

This time I noticed that the oversized coat from H&M, the one I live in these days, is really trendy! 3 of my dutch inspirators are having the same one. And I noticed also an influencer from Germany is having this coat. The best thing of oversized clothes, they are inbetweenie proof. The reason I love it, is because almost every size can wear it!

The Dutch girls Jamie Li, sixfeetfromtheedge and billieroseblog


From Germany Aylin König

I combined it with beanies from H&M, sweater and shoes, Primark. Jeans, Asos and bag, Mango



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